SBON/David Ceballos

Scottish Rite Freemasons_Mormon Church_ONA _SABRA Lodge 13_Shin Bet

31 DECEMBER 2016, No. 7
David Ceballos/Manufactured Crisis

There is a dimension “… that can not be seen by those who have their eyes wide shut.” The Vigilant Citizen, 13 July 2013

This statement mystifies what occult elite know about the mainstream, that people do not, and are not willing to, think in paradox, and so they oftentimes miss seeing what is standing right in front of them.

If the reader is paying attention, the image in narrative sort of explains what San Bernardino public administration is up to.

This is probably more fake news psychodrama from SBCSD but nonetheless worthy of a civics alert that San Bernardino is trending Baphomet.

McMahon’s quote appearing in the administrative public disclosure document reminds me of Ezra Taft Benson’s 1999 Mountain  Meadows speech in which he encrypted the Black Madonna.

Why 1999 is an important side bar discussion on LDS identity that will not be taken up here except to say Benson chose this year in particular commemorative on Mormon stealth identification with bifurcated twin administration, Scottish Rite Freemasons. 1857 (Mountain Meadows) to 1999= 142 years, or base nine 7 (Freemasons) the combination of which with the logo LDS (6) is 67, or 13:

Freemason core is Diocletian and the date 23 February 303 CE (13). 23 February is also 23 2, or 322/Skull and Bones.

Occult democracy assumes 100% of the population is stupid, and those who are not who will not kowtow to scoundrel leadership are punished and threatened with assassination:

28 December 2016
Colton Police Department
Sgt. M. Farcis/CL3619
16-08575/front pass window
pellet rifle/police sniper (opinion)
police officer described “BB” damage
incident occurred early AM 0400- 0600
NIR/Ramos, OC, re Kelly Thomas, on location 24 hours prior


Ceballos is a diversion from Flores/Limon opportunistic to manufacture a noble reputation for McMahon. McMahon is even worse, because he’s a human trafficking for torture asset.

It would follow that McMahon would hire people he could later traffic to stabilize his career reputation (Pusok/Ceballos) the backdrop of which pretty much follows the the occult professional trajectory of Beverly Potts/David O. McKay black mass product, San Bernardino Mayor Carey Davis.

These dracs aren ‘t very intelligent, but they are LDS hybrid bloodlines, Mormon mission creep to establish it’s version of a SKIRTS bred NWO society issuing on SKIRTS rendition births originating with Mormon elite. It takes people a moment to comprehend this, but once understood, it tends to stick in the mind.

God only knows what test tube DA Mike Ramos came from, albeit this publicly funded drac puppet administrator bears an uncanny resemblance to Beverly Potts older sister, Anita.

Here’s what these folks are attempting to hide from the public with Ceballos:

Sylvia Marie Flores to Regina Limon triangulates:

North and East
34 13 34.96 N
117 11 39.48 W

South and West
34 00 46.02 N
117 22 52.15 W

Triangulation points form a geo cartographic of the the rotating needle of a magnetic compass.

Point to point projection of a straight line through the compass 5628 (5) miles settles TDC over the LDS temple build in Paris, France.

Flores and Limon, real or effigy, were sacrificed to commemorate the LDS Redlands temple build (Flores) and Paris/France temple build (Flores, Limon).

Here’s San Bernardino> 24/7 McDonalds, Planned Parenthood and MTV. Stupid rules in this community because stupid lives there. You can’t fix stupid.

McMahon’s quote in the Ceballos document is SABRA propaganda.

For the record:

John McMahon
honcho man 3

#s 1 and 2 are Mayor Carey Davis and DA Mike Ramos, respectively. All three are in some way related to 1951 LDS abduction victim, Beverly Potts.

The San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department is a Scottish Rite/LDS racketeering criminal organization.

FUCK John McMahon, Mark Garcia and their pellet rifle rendition asset hunting party. Both of these POS perverts belong in prison.

Occult redemption is solidarity pledging human sacrifice, any such victim having the right to self-protection from predator psychopaths. No Sylvia Marie Flores or Regina Limon here!


Ordinance 4117

Penal code 246.3PC



SBON/CDOJ Large Capacity Magazines

Scottish Rite Freemasons_Mormon Church_ONA _SABRA Lodge 13_Shin Bet

27 DECEMBER 2016, No. 6
CDOJ Large Capacity Magazines/Emergency Regulations

c other public

I am responding to “DOJ Proposed Regs for Large Capacity Magazines”. I think you are out of your compulsive frat statist mind.


EMERGENCY What is the emergency? By all indications, it appears you folks made this up.

ARTICLE 4 AMENDMENT Large capacity permits. Reciprocate. Do exactly the same for law enforcement, or give it up.

You people are running a “colonial double bind” attempting to reverse assimilation. I know in WOI terms Cornwallis seceded the battle but never forfeited the war. Ensuing treaties maintained British control over the US, ultimately the American public routinely and systematically fleeced of their ability to throw off more dictatorship. Gun control is a continuing part of that effort.

If this weren’t true, Skull and Bones periodic abduction sorties on the California public via LDS/Scottish Rite frats would not be happening (Pete Wilson/Polly Klass; Jerry Brown/Sylvia Marie Flores). You are a SICK administration co perpetrating SICK rendition on a public that’s got it’s head up the ass of Disney’s Magic Kingdom figuring Jerry Jesuit Brown studies law books 24/7 when he’s not servicing his eugenics harem.


You’re in LA, San Bernardino, Orange and San Diego allegedly looking for Crypto showboating the awesome powers of state but doing nothing real to curtail your frat organized presentation upon the public simultaneous with hosting Jeff Epstein’s “Mr. Dingle” to elementary school children in Victor Valley. DOJ= perverted.

2 December 2015 was a structured agitprop event the purpose of which was to cull federal money to buy more guns for police and sheriff. IRC was a lie San Bernardino used to defraud the public also simultaneous with two abductions that celebrated the building of a Mormon temple in France.

Confused? No you’re not. You are a coperp agency for human trafficking for torture. Concept emphasis: Redlands ONA, Sabra Lodge 13 and Shin Bet in San Bernardino County, and you want us to disarm… LOL Kewl OMG LMAO (figurative).

I blew my blue UN whistle for two days when I learned John McMahon was involved in the 2013 occult kidnapping for torture of Sylvia Marie Flores and never got a response from police, but my Mormon neighbors complained to high Heaven!

I even filed a complaint with SBCSD/Internal Affairs the initial response to which was, “WHAT Sylvia Marie Flores?” Had Flores been in possession of any type of firearm for self protection, and the LARGER the clip capacity, the better, it would have been McMahon’s asset San Bernardino was burying instead of her, if they could collect up the pieces. Maybe then that stupid SOB that initiated his investigation would have been less a smart ass knowing perverts have their match in firearms, you think?

Pete wilson used Richard Allen Davis to perp Polly Klass. DAVIS STATED IN TESTIMONY HE PERPED THIS ABDUCTION FOR MONEY. HE WAS TALKING ABOUT PETE WILSON, INFORMATION THAT WAS CENSORED FROM THE PUBLIC RECORD… by mistake and misunderstanding. One high capacity mag on Richard Allen Davis would have ended that enterprise, Wilson having to reconsider who his next solidarity target would be. THIS IS WHY GUNS, idiots.


I blew my blue UN whistle for two days when I learned Mark Garcia was involved in the ritual slaying of Regina Limon. Garcia, with the help of a local media, subsequently propagandized a violence warning on the public the point of which was to telegraph a threat on a target, ME. The public thus advised, my disappearance or death at the hands of one of Garcia’s felon assets would be routine, unless I could protect myself, which I can. FUCK Garcia. I have a picture if one of this monster’s rendition assets. FUCK REDLANDS POLICE CHIEF MARK GARCIA. Get it? DO YOU GET IT? F-U-C-K Eve rendition perp C-H-I-E-F G-A-R-C-I-A.

The point of bringing this up here is I would much prefer this to be several high capacity mags so I could drive a message up the ass of any local rendition asset that service to frat cops is probably not a good idea as a career choice. I would not have spared Edward Duncan III or William Suff. Suff did Orange County before he did Riverside, but this never came up in his hearing. Why’s that?

Does this type of ideation make me a bad person. My blue UN whistle did nothing to alert the public on Garcia re Limon, this poor young woman a commemorative ritual slaying for the Mormon church. Nonetheless, give up your guns, California! DOJ will write more draconian legislation if you do not, or in my case set their rendition assets lose for a contract kill.


CDOJ is a patsy organization for Crypto mission creep to disarm the public. That’s not law. That’s frat malingering with Skill and Bones Statism the four primary functions of which are:

1) SABRA Intel (CIA, MI6, MOSSAD) by mistake and misunderstanding, San Bernardino SABRA having initiated the Redlands ONA on Elizabeth Short,

2) LDS eugenics (Cheri Jo Bates/Will Smith, Sabra Elise Johnson; HB Lee/Jimmy Fallon; Ezra Taft Benson/Ben Swan; Spencer Kimball/Pastor Steven Anderson; Thomas Monson/Major Gen Harold Green; Thomas Monson/Natalee Holloway, Robyn GardnerANAI), San Bernardino Mayor Carey Davis is the black mass son of David O. McKay and Beverly Potts, but GIVE UP YOUR GUNS ANYWAY, California,

3) economic suppression of the public will to resist, and

4) frat administration such as DOJ to manufacture unconstitutional legislation making Crypto preeminent upon a naive and satiate public the celebration of which are elite solidarity projects masquerading felon perped kidnappings.


Devils, every one, DOJ. And where did Skull and Bones come from? Same place that delivered the Mormon church’s start up funds, City of London, thank you WILLIAM WICKHAM for YOUR contributions to Anacharsis Cloots and Saint-Just bloodlines, Brigham Young and Joseph Smith, respectively. LDS elite control the gangs and drug cartels over the border. Do you simple minded fucks perceive a problem here with California’s status as a sanctuary state? YES, NO, or just gun control gung ho!

Do you have a back up plan for mayhem? WHITE UN whistles? Talk your rapist out of an assault, maybe? Reason with some nationale fuck that’s walking out of one’s home with a child slung over his shoulder? Call Scott Jones (Jeff Mitchell), John McMahon (Mormon) or Mark Garcia (report crime toDAY!). How about a nice triple 8 to drop that pred, deliver him up to Sacramento for medical, if he’s still alive? Make you mad? Radical atty reading this as a terrorist threat. DID THIMAS MONSON PERP NATALEE HOLLOWAY AND ROBYN GARDNER? IS THIS GOD DAMNED BAPHOMET PSYCHOPATH SERIAL SKIRTS RENDITION PREDATOR BEHIND BARS?

No. Romney perped Heaven Night Club as a retention sacrifice for Monson’s then dead wife, Francis, but GUVE UP YOUR GUNS CALIFORNIA!


JeeBs SB227 magnified mandatory medically assisted child sacrifice against my written request for him to resign over his involvement in solidarity pledging child sacrifice. Did you folks do anything about that? FUCK no. It is now the law in California that 6:1000 infants must be destroyed too aggrandize Brown’s occult preeminence and now legislative state of the art retaliation upon the California public over a letter people don’t even know exists. Infant death by vaccination is child sacrifice. No wait, it’s the LAW, and it’s also retaliation for my having exposed Brown as a solidarity rendition perp.

You want to take our guns. We’re supposed to blow a RED, WHITE and BLUE UN whistle. FYI, the whistle doesn’t work, stupid, and I doubt making any of these high capacity will make much of a difference. Funny to think about though, isn’t it? Some administrative snuff asset taking out a rendition target blowing a RAINBOW COLORED UN whistle? I wonder what such a media would bring in the black market. Maybe DOJ elite train on Elizabeth Short?


Did you folks ever do Bertram Feinstein for HIS involvement in the Zodiac slayings? HE had a gun. He even admitted he did these horrific crimes! Diane Feinstein has a LOT of guns. No. That’s not what you are there for. You are there to write legislation to empower Crypto’s continuing siege on the California public, folks in THIS immense Mayberry from Hell so entrenched the Magic Kingdom they will never understand the REAL California legislative culture less the Mickey Mouse ears to clue them in.


Your proposed walk re mag revisions is a to narrow a path and needs to reciprocate among police to be constitutional. If you are going to disarm the public, take crooks like Scott Jones, McMahon and Garcia out of service so we truly are safe from predators. Otherwise, back off and let the public deal with their rendition assets. Large capacity to drop preds like James Marlow works for ME!


State legislature converting street felons to snuff preds concurrent with any form of gun control legislation is a Freemason reform tactic that subordinates the public to frat solidarity rendition, but you already know this. Allow me to explain.


Psycho cop with a predisposition for punishment is empowered with feelings of fear threat assessment to shoot and kill any target that represents a “perceived” threat to his or her space. Meanwhile, the public is criminalized re firearms. Kewl for DOJ!


That’s got a name among elite Freemasons occult most people are unaware of: REFORM triptych. Reform triptych simultaneously criminalizes the status quo, case in point, gun control, and lofts felons preeminent, Jerry Brown, for example.


Why this restriction? Tyrant v public. In war time, were creepy occult police like McMahon and Garcia to engage the public, high cap mags of fallen militia would prove an obstacle for occult police who can use unlimited high cap mags to take out citizen targets on feelings of fear, a balancing act to neutralize skilled resistance.

Certainly statist police who perp such crimes would be too immature and less likely to prevail upon a public that knows and can make use of it’s weaponry.


You want to kill me, don’t you? You are eager to make an example out of people who disagree with your statist legislation, who expose and point the finger at your elite solidarity groups. That’s a snake mentality, JSYK, and the business of snakes is dirt.


Your regulations are intentionally vague for an opportunity to make an example of those who do not understand them. DOJ is a RADICAL justice entity. This will open the door for conflict that will further alienate the public and advance the gun control agenda of the very same people who are perping SKIRTS renditions is solidarity with frat entities organized around public subversion. Not good at all as criminals like Wilson and Brown will run wild! Worse still for the public that is unknowingly resourcing frat solidarity projects.


You aren’t seeking to make the public safe, otherwise you would not be asking people to make unsafe modifications to their firearms, which is pointing to a RADICAL justice entity.

“Large capacity” scares the hell out of the legislature, because it matches LARGE PREDATORS you folks use kidnap your rendition targets. We can’t have 10 year olds using such a defense system on one of your felon assets, because this would shut out your solidarity projects. Crypto frat would collapse without this.

No magazine extension= frat extension of cull on mainstream Eves. Snuff documented SKIRTS rendition on children would suffer immensely if a
child could use 20 rounds on some sick POS making his money funded by county resources redirected to the public over the desk of police and sheriff.


Scottish Rite Freemasons_Mormon Church_ONA _SABRA Lodge 13_Shin Bet

21 DECEMBER 2016, No. 5
Encryption/Kolob II

Joseph Smith= Antoine Saint-Just, Brigham Young= Anacharsis Cloots and Diocles= Freemasons. Saint-Just, Cloots and Diocles are encrypted in the LDS logo, THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER DAY SAINTS:

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

Loius de Saint Just
Anacharsis Cloots

39 letters
9 words
11 syllables
5 (pentagram; inverted pentagram= 113, or 19 April Satanic Fire ritual)

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
285 383938 66 15131 389912 66 312259 417 119521


cloots jcd

Cloots (encryption prompt)

7 (Freemason numeric prime)

3 (second derivative logo match)




SBON/Kolob I

Scottish Rite Freemasons_Mormon Church_ONA _SABRA Lodge 13_Shin Bet

20 DECEMBER 2016, No. 4
Encryption/Kolob I

LDS elite use Pythagoras base nine triptych encrypt ,ion to telegraph their occult networked crimes to the mainstream. While they maintain a squeaky clean appearance with the public, the underside of this beast is a human trafficking crime syndicate so horrific people understandably are unable to psychologically process the latter.

How this works on the mind is further encrypted in their literature the manifestation of which on LDS RF membership is a subtle indoctrination in the language and stories they use to mollify outrage before it ever occurs to people what that are involved in.

The nutshell explanation of how this code works can be understood by studying this encryption method in the samples given below:

161578 (set letter equivalent to the Pythagoras base nine Gematria)
1 (add the numbers base nine to produce a single digit numeric equivalent)
6 (this is the number of letters in the word bearing the encryption)
9 (first and last letter additive sum)
7 (add 169 base nine)

The decryption correctly organized looks this way:


Now let’s take a look Joseph Smith, Brigham Young, Louis Antoine Leon de Saint-Just, Anacharsis Cloots and Diocles:

Joseph Smith
161578 14928

Brigham Young
2997814 76357

Louis Antoine Leon de Saint-Just
36391 1526955 3565 45 11952 1312

Anacharsis Cloots
1513819191 336621


Brigham Young and Anacharis Cloots produce the same numeric value, 1. Joseph Smith produces a 9, Saint-Just, 6. In the occult, 6= 9, so Smith= Saint-Just. Diocles is already understood to be Freemason core, the importance of bringing this up here to link all of these names to a common LDS artifact.

For the record, according to this numeric code analysis, Joseph Smith= Antoine Saint-Just, Brigham Young= Anacharsis Cloots and Diocles= Freemasons.







SBON/Frat Schizophrenic Elite

Scottish Rite Freemasons_Mormon Church_ONA _SABRA Lodge 13_Shin Bet

16 DECEMBER 2016, No. 3
Making Good Men Better/Frat Schizophrenic Elite

Freemasonry started as a labor guild (union) 1300. As unions go, they take care of their own, in this case to the exclusion of the rule of law of any indigenous culture which they come into contact with. Freemason elite are ideologue cryptocrats having so exquisitely embedded themselves in San Bernardino County, people outlier are of little significance to their ultimate mission to institutionalize entrenched they v  we.

How do they pull this off?

One of the most powerful Freemason criminal syndicates operating internationally is Skull and Bones (Intel, LDS, Fed, Freemasons); what we know about this organization is they do not select the brightest and the best for membership. These are society’s intellectual deadbeats with certain behaviors exhibiting mental health issues that are resource material for scoundrel leadership. Forensic journo knows this. Frat knows this. The public refuses think about it.

Freemasonry generally recruits people possessing a desire to improve themselves in alliance with an authoritarian METRIC making life predictable and manageable less need for competition with one’s peers, which in some circles is considered the hallmark of a pervert, enter stages of development to formulate this character deficit to subsequent levels of corruption eliminating boundaries to a predisposition for macabre.

In a nut shell, lesser predators occupy the lower levels of the Freemason METRIC at the one end, this formulating a character shield similar to how Mormons operate, their elite among the most prolific and sadistic predators society can produce (Brigham Young, David O.McKay, HB Lee, Spencer Kimball, Ezra Taft Benson, Thomas Monson ANAI). They’ll deny this outright: however, authoritarian systems are notoriously populated with psychopaths, a reality of analysis that although not taken up in argument here remains irrefutably linked to sexual perversion which helps to explain why SC McMahon and COP Garcia are so willing to affiliate themselves with human trafficking for torture.

Sex “magick” is core solidarity in elite Freemason circles, the species of the victim dependent upon how powerful and entrenched a given occult entity may be. Locally, there are five Freemason organizations operating in collusion to perpetuate their existence contravening the rule of law with fraud, racketeering and production on an industry in human trafficking which resources their solidarity activities. Freemason preeminence falls apart without the latter. It bears repeating that forensic journo knows this. Frat knows this. The public refuses to acknowledge it.

There’s argument on the mental health status of people who recruit and solidarity pledge to secret society organizations. Some believe the higher the initiate goes, the greater the disposition for schizophrenia. This idea lofts similarly via Obsidian Analysis bizarre DTDP/CAST productions such as Sandy Hook, Boston and San Bernardino. They allege to destroy things in effigy to keep the public tensed up and distracted from noble cause projects such as gun control and immigration going on in the backdrop. Figure the ten of thousands of gun that were surrender by the American public induced to capitulate by Sandy Hook alone – to collapse the 2nd amendment – and one has the correct idea.

It is a known fact that a schizophrenic provoked is a deadly adversary and the reason Freemason organizations identify and promote these to government leadership; they are willing to harm others in ways normal people would not, and their having solidarity pledged debauchery prevents them from later forming a conscience the consequence of which would be character and financial ruin or death for redaction. This is the discipline of their occult God the proofs of which how this works are Deputy Jeff Mitchell (27 October 2006) and Detective Danny Oliver (24 October 2014). I was Oliver’s target. His handler was Detective Christopher Britton.

The pledge is documented and held against any chance such an individual would have a change of heart amidst a project of such horrific consequences on the victim only a demon would perpetrate such a crime. This is how they operate in San Bernardino County no less typical of occult protocol designed to simultaneous mystify the public and take out the rendition target the payment for the service for which is a taxpayer funded paycheck.

These people are obsessive, and they take pleasure in telegraphing their domestic pirating crimes to a public that has no clue what they are saying, enter an FNCS analysis of the relationship between SC John McMahon and COP Mark Garcia and their elite Scottish Rite Freemason and Mormon involvement in the ritual slayings of Sylvia Marie Flores and Regina Limon, effigy or real.

Freemasons schizophrenic elite are MAG predators. Part of what they do involves engineering their crimes with occult signatures which convey to the public and their elite what they have done. The public doesn’t get it, because they wont spend any time learning the telegraph. Examples of numeric encryption appear below involving SC John McMahon and COP Mark Garcia in the ritual slayings of Sylvia Marie Flores and Regina Limon.

honcho man 3 (Ramos/2, Davis/1)


John McMahon
1685 4341865


Sylvia Marie Flores
173491 41995 636951

Regina Marlene Limon
957951 4193555 39465


6= 1113= leap year Satanic Fire Ritual
margaric ak
margaron ak
pearly 13 (ref to Pearl Ave., 2 December 2015)


Mark Garcia
4192 719391


Sylvia M Flores
173491 4 636951

Regina M Limon
957951 4 39465

2 victims
B9AS 7


2= RADICAL Genesis 6:2
7= Orion constellation


Genesis 6:2
7555191 62
678 62

7= 88 = 1) 8 primary stars of Orion, and 2) cumulative base nine triptych encryption additive sums of the names of these stars: Meissa, Betelgeuse, Bellatrix, Alnitak,
Alnilam, Mintaka, Saiph, Rigel

MAG/astrological encryption is engineered on the the movements and positions of the planets on the day of the rendition often times linked to birth chart information about the victim. In one such example of a target, who for the time being will remain unnamed, the date of rendition chart cartographic juxtaposed upon that of the birth chart produced the Star of David. The Star of David is an Orion logo.

The geo-cartographic completes the encryption message. In the cases of Sylvia M. Flores/9 (Sylvia Marie Flores) and Regina M. Limon/7 (Regina Limon), the distance between were their bodies were allegedly placed sets up a straight line cartographic that when triangulated forms a compass.

Point to point, SW to NE, this compass lines up on the Paris France LDS temple with a open house date of Saturday 22 April (6/6= 9 in the occult/Flores) through 13 May (7/Limon) 2017 that also numerically identifies with the dates of these horrific slayings. MAG encryption proves McMahon/Garcia involvement in occult human trafficking for torture in connection with the Scottish Rite Freemason and LDS elite.

There’s no catalyst for human character like there is to eat, reproduce and party. People are typically not motivated to think. They possess autonomic appetites for limbic survival, but few have a desire to protect reality. Akhenaten knew this well and is the go to guy regarding monotheism and secret societies.

Akhenaten was also schizophrenic and figured to how cultivate scoundrel leadership to control regional populations via Genesis 6:2 breeding schemes and solidarity pledging human trafficking for torture. Orion, the Freemason alpha, and Genesis 6:2 radicalized, are Freemason core.

To give the reader the correct idea about Akhenaten’s domestic relationships, Nefertiti was a male, which is a statement also on the nature of occult elite. There are just certain requirements for this status for which people must exhibit competence to access Freemason resources.

Schizophrenics and their mind split MK equivalents resource Freemason and LDS need for leadership possessing the disposition for perpetrating human trafficking for torture.

Giggle and laugh as people may the public is being made aware San Bernardino county produces two occult rendition victims per year, effigy or real, to resource human trafficking for torture for local Freemason and LDS elite.


Scottish Rite Freemasons_Mormon Church_ONA _SABRA Lodge 13_Shin Bet

15 DECEMBER 2016, No. 2
Central Intelligence Agency/PropOrNot


This analysis seeks to identify alternative media censorship as a CIA project.

The reality of this corruption can proven by the demonstrated use of Pythagoras base nine triptych encryption to assess the numeric relationship between Central Intelligence Agency and PropOrNot logos, the latter of which is a website that has attempted to sabotage alternative media publication of corruption in US local and national governments.


The CIA is a SABRA (1832) cohort of MI6 and MOSSAD, the three organizations of which have formed SABRA Lodge 13 in San Bernardino, California, are administrated by Shin Bet and have direct responsibility for such national rendition projects as the Redlands Order of the Nine Angels (ONA).

ONA is the Intel logo for the frat racketeered solidarity slaying and kidnapping for torture of Elizabeth Short, Cheri Jo Bates, Deputy Don DeMeulle, Corinna Novis and Sylvia Marie Flores. Regina Limon is identified with Flores and appears to have been an effigy sacrifice for the LDS temple build in Paris, France, a COP/Mark Garcia project.


There is a numeric relationship between logos CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY (CIA) and PROPORNOT (PON) albeit the manner in which the encryption method is used is unique in how the logo words are arranged to produce a number match.

For example, CIA used only “CENTRAL I AGENCY” in this encryption. PON
used “PROP”, “OR” and “NOT”, each word encrypted separately to make it more difficult to decrypt the match.


Central I Agency
3552913 9 175537
255 (look for these numbers in PropOrNot)

2 (here)

5 (here)

5 (and here)

PropOrNot= CIA


There is no civil or felony code for this sort of criminal activity. As a consequence, SABRA cohorts make prolific use of base nine triptych encryption to telegraph their domestic terrorism projects to the public.

This has the same effect as if a foreigner wiped out an entire US neighborhood and commenced running up and down the street claiming responsibility in their own language. No one would know this person was acknowledging the crime until they figure out the code.

These schizoid predators play charm against public naiveté, their offensive whatever rendition projects are going on in the backdrop of their frat solidarity projects several of which have been named above.


For the record, there is a 2.7 mile geocartographic of an ONA logo located surrounding the University of Redlands campus, this thing serving as a compass directing attention to no less 5 kidnapping and murders locally, one regional kidnapping and one assassination… by mistake and misunderstanding.

SBON/Regina Limon

Scottish Rite Freemasons_Mormon Church_ONA _SABRA Lodge 13_Shin Bet

14 DECEMBER 2016, No. 1
The Fact/Regina Limon

11 December 2016 The Fact/Redlands published an article about the alleged 2 December 2015 slaying of Regina Limon. Fact was contacted 12 December hopeful for more information about this victim with no response from the editor.

Limon is believed to have been an effigy slaying – this victim bearing the name of a family member – and was used to deliver a death threat for work bearing public discussion about San Bernardino occult networks that are invested in human trafficking for torture the agencies of which are strongly identified with San Bernardino County administrative offices and linked to the building of Mormon Temples internationally.

This researcher believes the San Bernardino public is in a stupor to have misunderstood the 2 December 2015 attack on IRC as a real event. This was in fact an agitprop TDAP engineered to persuade the public on gun control and cull federal funds to covertly usurp 9th and 10th amendments in a federal agreement in exchange for anti-terrorism funding for sheriff and police.

This information having been made public, San Bernardino lost it’s bid for federal resources and fairly rapidly recovered from bankruptcy status, for obvious reasons.

Concurrent with exposure on involvement with highly structured occult mayhem, San Bernardino Sheriff’s department, responding to an Internal Affairs complaint alleging SC John McMahon’s asset involvement in the 2013 occult slaying of Silvia Marie Flores, a sheriff’s department representative forwarded an encrypted wet works message to the complainant threatening retaliation, which is a felony… by mistake and misunderstanding.

Multiple county agencies are actively involved in kidnapping for torture for solidarity pledging elite fraternities the parent organizations of which are the Scottish Rite Freemasons and Mormon church and their subordinating fraternities Order of the Nine Angels, SABRA Lodge 13 and administrative cohort, Shin Bet.

If this information is correct, Redlands COP Garcia was involved in Limon’s kidnapping and slaying as a function of occult ritual sacrifice to commemorate the yet to occur 22 April 2017 Paris, France, LDS temple open house.


If Regina Limon was a real person, and if her surviving family are in fact authentic, any adult member of this family is requested to respond HERE.

Provocateuring conflict on this issue by any person unrelated to the alleged victim will be published in this forum. Any person alleging to be an attorney representing the Limon family will be vetted for authenticity, or in the case of fraud representation, sued for civil harassment.

John McMahon (Flores) and Mark Garcia (Limon) can kiss my ass.