SBON/Frat Schizophrenic Elite

Scottish Rite Freemasons_Mormon Church_ONA _SABRA Lodge 13_Shin Bet

16 DECEMBER 2016, No. 3
Making Good Men Better/Frat Schizophrenic Elite

Freemasonry started as a labor guild (union) 1300. As unions go, they take care of their own, in this case to the exclusion of the rule of law of any indigenous culture which they come into contact with. Freemason elite are ideologue cryptocrats having so exquisitely embedded themselves in San Bernardino County, people outlier are of little significance to their ultimate mission to institutionalize entrenched they v  we.

How do they pull this off?

One of the most powerful Freemason criminal syndicates operating internationally is Skull and Bones (Intel, LDS, Fed, Freemasons); what we know about this organization is they do not select the brightest and the best for membership. These are society’s intellectual deadbeats with certain behaviors exhibiting mental health issues that are resource material for scoundrel leadership. Forensic journo knows this. Frat knows this. The public refuses think about it.

Freemasonry generally recruits people possessing a desire to improve themselves in alliance with an authoritarian METRIC making life predictable and manageable less need for competition with one’s peers, which in some circles is considered the hallmark of a pervert, enter stages of development to formulate this character deficit to subsequent levels of corruption eliminating boundaries to a predisposition for macabre.

In a nut shell, lesser predators occupy the lower levels of the Freemason METRIC at the one end, this formulating a character shield similar to how Mormons operate, their elite among the most prolific and sadistic predators society can produce (Brigham Young, David O.McKay, HB Lee, Spencer Kimball, Ezra Taft Benson, Thomas Monson ANAI). They’ll deny this outright: however, authoritarian systems are notoriously populated with psychopaths, a reality of analysis that although not taken up in argument here remains irrefutably linked to sexual perversion which helps to explain why SC McMahon and COP Garcia are so willing to affiliate themselves with human trafficking for torture.

Sex “magick” is core solidarity in elite Freemason circles, the species of the victim dependent upon how powerful and entrenched a given occult entity may be. Locally, there are five Freemason organizations operating in collusion to perpetuate their existence contravening the rule of law with fraud, racketeering and production on an industry in human trafficking which resources their solidarity activities. Freemason preeminence falls apart without the latter. It bears repeating that forensic journo knows this. Frat knows this. The public refuses to acknowledge it.

There’s argument on the mental health status of people who recruit and solidarity pledge to secret society organizations. Some believe the higher the initiate goes, the greater the disposition for schizophrenia. This idea lofts similarly via Obsidian Analysis bizarre DTDP/CAST productions such as Sandy Hook, Boston and San Bernardino. They allege to destroy things in effigy to keep the public tensed up and distracted from noble cause projects such as gun control and immigration going on in the backdrop. Figure the ten of thousands of gun that were surrender by the American public induced to capitulate by Sandy Hook alone – to collapse the 2nd amendment – and one has the correct idea.

It is a known fact that a schizophrenic provoked is a deadly adversary and the reason Freemason organizations identify and promote these to government leadership; they are willing to harm others in ways normal people would not, and their having solidarity pledged debauchery prevents them from later forming a conscience the consequence of which would be character and financial ruin or death for redaction. This is the discipline of their occult God the proofs of which how this works are Deputy Jeff Mitchell (27 October 2006) and Detective Danny Oliver (24 October 2014). I was Oliver’s target. His handler was Detective Christopher Britton.

The pledge is documented and held against any chance such an individual would have a change of heart amidst a project of such horrific consequences on the victim only a demon would perpetrate such a crime. This is how they operate in San Bernardino County no less typical of occult protocol designed to simultaneous mystify the public and take out the rendition target the payment for the service for which is a taxpayer funded paycheck.

These people are obsessive, and they take pleasure in telegraphing their domestic pirating crimes to a public that has no clue what they are saying, enter an FNCS analysis of the relationship between SC John McMahon and COP Mark Garcia and their elite Scottish Rite Freemason and Mormon involvement in the ritual slayings of Sylvia Marie Flores and Regina Limon, effigy or real.

Freemasons schizophrenic elite are MAG predators. Part of what they do involves engineering their crimes with occult signatures which convey to the public and their elite what they have done. The public doesn’t get it, because they wont spend any time learning the telegraph. Examples of numeric encryption appear below involving SC John McMahon and COP Mark Garcia in the ritual slayings of Sylvia Marie Flores and Regina Limon.

honcho man 3 (Ramos/2, Davis/1)


John McMahon
1685 4341865


Sylvia Marie Flores
173491 41995 636951

Regina Marlene Limon
957951 4193555 39465


6= 1113= leap year Satanic Fire Ritual
margaric ak
margaron ak
pearly 13 (ref to Pearl Ave., 2 December 2015)


Mark Garcia
4192 719391


Sylvia M Flores
173491 4 636951

Regina M Limon
957951 4 39465

2 victims
B9AS 7


2= RADICAL Genesis 6:2
7= Orion constellation


Genesis 6:2
7555191 62
678 62

7= 88 = 1) 8 primary stars of Orion, and 2) cumulative base nine triptych encryption additive sums of the names of these stars: Meissa, Betelgeuse, Bellatrix, Alnitak,
Alnilam, Mintaka, Saiph, Rigel

MAG/astrological encryption is engineered on the the movements and positions of the planets on the day of the rendition often times linked to birth chart information about the victim. In one such example of a target, who for the time being will remain unnamed, the date of rendition chart cartographic juxtaposed upon that of the birth chart produced the Star of David. The Star of David is an Orion logo.

The geo-cartographic completes the encryption message. In the cases of Sylvia M. Flores/9 (Sylvia Marie Flores) and Regina M. Limon/7 (Regina Limon), the distance between were their bodies were allegedly placed sets up a straight line cartographic that when triangulated forms a compass.

Point to point, SW to NE, this compass lines up on the Paris France LDS temple with a open house date of Saturday 22 April (6/6= 9 in the occult/Flores) through 13 May (7/Limon) 2017 that also numerically identifies with the dates of these horrific slayings. MAG encryption proves McMahon/Garcia involvement in occult human trafficking for torture in connection with the Scottish Rite Freemason and LDS elite.

There’s no catalyst for human character like there is to eat, reproduce and party. People are typically not motivated to think. They possess autonomic appetites for limbic survival, but few have a desire to protect reality. Akhenaten knew this well and is the go to guy regarding monotheism and secret societies.

Akhenaten was also schizophrenic and figured to how cultivate scoundrel leadership to control regional populations via Genesis 6:2 breeding schemes and solidarity pledging human trafficking for torture. Orion, the Freemason alpha, and Genesis 6:2 radicalized, are Freemason core.

To give the reader the correct idea about Akhenaten’s domestic relationships, Nefertiti was a male, which is a statement also on the nature of occult elite. There are just certain requirements for this status for which people must exhibit competence to access Freemason resources.

Schizophrenics and their mind split MK equivalents resource Freemason and LDS need for leadership possessing the disposition for perpetrating human trafficking for torture.

Giggle and laugh as people may the public is being made aware San Bernardino county produces two occult rendition victims per year, effigy or real, to resource human trafficking for torture for local Freemason and LDS elite.


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