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31 DECEMBER 2016, No. 7
David Ceballos/Manufactured Crisis

There is a dimension “… that can not be seen by those who have their eyes wide shut.” The Vigilant Citizen, 13 July 2013

This statement mystifies what occult elite know about the mainstream, that people do not, and are not willing to, think in paradox, and so they oftentimes miss seeing what is standing right in front of them.

If the reader is paying attention, the image in narrative sort of explains what San Bernardino public administration is up to.

This is probably more fake news psychodrama from SBCSD but nonetheless worthy of a civics alert that San Bernardino is trending Baphomet.

McMahon’s quote appearing in the administrative public disclosure document reminds me of Ezra Taft Benson’s 1999 Mountain¬† Meadows speech in which he encrypted the Black Madonna.

Why 1999 is an important side bar discussion on LDS identity that will not be taken up here except to say Benson chose this year in particular commemorative on Mormon stealth identification with bifurcated twin administration, Scottish Rite Freemasons. 1857 (Mountain Meadows) to 1999= 142 years, or base nine 7 (Freemasons) the combination of which with the logo LDS (6) is 67, or 13:

Freemason core is Diocletian and the date 23 February 303 CE (13). 23 February is also 23 2, or 322/Skull and Bones.

Occult democracy assumes 100% of the population is stupid, and those who are not who will not kowtow to scoundrel leadership are punished and threatened with assassination:

28 December 2016
Colton Police Department
Sgt. M. Farcis/CL3619
16-08575/front pass window
pellet rifle/police sniper (opinion)
police officer described “BB” damage
incident occurred early AM 0400- 0600
NIR/Ramos, OC, re Kelly Thomas, on location 24 hours prior


Ceballos is a diversion from Flores/Limon opportunistic to manufacture a noble reputation for McMahon. McMahon is even worse, because he’s a human trafficking for torture asset.

It would follow that McMahon would hire people he could later traffic to stabilize his career reputation (Pusok/Ceballos) the backdrop of which pretty much follows the the occult professional trajectory of Beverly Potts/David O. McKay black mass product, San Bernardino Mayor Carey Davis.

These dracs aren ‘t very intelligent, but they are LDS hybrid bloodlines, Mormon mission creep to establish it’s version of a SKIRTS bred NWO society issuing on SKIRTS rendition births originating with Mormon elite. It takes people a moment to comprehend this, but once understood, it tends to stick in the mind.

God only knows what test tube DA Mike Ramos came from, albeit this publicly funded drac puppet administrator bears an uncanny resemblance to Beverly Potts older sister, Anita.

Here’s what these folks are attempting to hide from the public with Ceballos:

Sylvia Marie Flores to Regina Limon triangulates:

North and East
34 13 34.96 N
117 11 39.48 W

South and West
34 00 46.02 N
117 22 52.15 W

Triangulation points form a geo cartographic of the the rotating needle of a magnetic compass.

Point to point projection of a straight line through the compass 5628 (5) miles settles TDC over the LDS temple build in Paris, France.

Flores and Limon, real or effigy, were sacrificed to commemorate the LDS Redlands temple build (Flores) and Paris/France temple build (Flores, Limon).

Here’s San Bernardino> 24/7 McDonalds, Planned Parenthood and MTV. Stupid rules in this community because stupid lives there. You can’t fix stupid.

McMahon’s quote in the Ceballos document is SABRA propaganda.

For the record:

John McMahon
honcho man 3

#s 1 and 2 are Mayor Carey Davis and DA Mike Ramos, respectively. All three are in some way related to 1951 LDS abduction victim, Beverly Potts.

The San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department is a Scottish Rite/LDS racketeering criminal organization.

FUCK John McMahon, Mark Garcia and their pellet rifle rendition asset hunting party. Both of these POS perverts belong in prison.

Occult redemption is solidarity pledging human sacrifice, any such victim having the right to self-protection from predator psychopaths. No Sylvia Marie Flores or Regina Limon here!


Ordinance 4117

Penal code 246.3PC