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14 DECEMBER 2016, No. 1
The Fact/Regina Limon

11 December 2016 The Fact/Redlands published an article about the alleged 2 December 2015 slaying of Regina Limon. Fact was contacted 12 December hopeful for more information about this victim with no response from the editor.

Limon is believed to have been an effigy slaying – this victim bearing the name of a family member – and was used to deliver a death threat for work bearing public discussion about San Bernardino occult networks that are invested in human trafficking for torture the agencies of which are strongly identified with San Bernardino County administrative offices and linked to the building of Mormon Temples internationally.

This researcher believes the San Bernardino public is in a stupor to have misunderstood the 2 December 2015 attack on IRC as a real event. This was in fact an agitprop TDAP engineered to persuade the public on gun control and cull federal funds to covertly usurp 9th and 10th amendments in a federal agreement in exchange for anti-terrorism funding for sheriff and police.

This information having been made public, San Bernardino lost it’s bid for federal resources and fairly rapidly recovered from bankruptcy status, for obvious reasons.

Concurrent with exposure on involvement with highly structured occult mayhem, San Bernardino Sheriff’s department, responding to an Internal Affairs complaint alleging SC John McMahon’s asset involvement in the 2013 occult slaying of Silvia Marie Flores, a sheriff’s department representative forwarded an encrypted wet works message to the complainant threatening retaliation, which is a felony… by mistake and misunderstanding.

Multiple county agencies are actively involved in kidnapping for torture for solidarity pledging elite fraternities the parent organizations of which are the Scottish Rite Freemasons and Mormon church and their subordinating fraternities Order of the Nine Angels, SABRA Lodge 13 and administrative cohort, Shin Bet.

If this information is correct, Redlands COP Garcia was involved in Limon’s kidnapping and slaying as a function of occult ritual sacrifice to commemorate the yet to occur 22 April 2017 Paris, France, LDS temple open house.


If Regina Limon was a real person, and if her surviving family are in fact authentic, any adult member of this family is requested to respond HERE.

Provocateuring conflict on this issue by any person unrelated to the alleged victim will be published in this forum. Any person alleging to be an attorney representing the Limon family will be vetted for authenticity, or in the case of fraud representation, sued for civil harassment.

John McMahon (Flores) and Mark Garcia (Limon) can kiss my ass.